I 💜 Herschel

Shoutout to Herschel Supply Co!

Hands down, they have the best customer service of any company I have utilize as of late. I’m trying to decide if y’all want the run down? Yeah, y’all want it! (Ha!)

I had been looking for the perfect weekender and overnight bags, its harder than you would think, and finally I had logged on to Herschel. For the longest I had opted to stay away as I didn’t want to break the bank. So I browsed Target, Walmart, and other such retailers. However I wasn’t finding the correct sizing I was looking for. Every Option was always too big, or too expensive. I am a light packer, for the longest time I’ve been using my Coach bag, which is exactly the perfect size for an overnight, but I didn’t want to continue to use my purse as luggage, and I definitely was not going to check my bag, ever! I did take a look into Coach, but I wasn’t even about to spend 250$ for a bag I was going to allow to get dirty purposely, so Coach was out! Finally I broke down and search all the items of Herschel, and low and behold, I found my bags. Both my overnight and my weekender, but at 65$ and 89$ respectively and I honestly did not want to spend more than, maximum 100$, for both bags. With much thought, I purchased a youth bag, for 50$, to be used as a weekender, and upon receiving the bag, its larger than I calculated, but still smaller than the options I had seen.


So UPS was the shipping company used, and I was already anticipating for there to be some sort of issues arising. According to UPS my bag was scheduled to be delivered by end of day Tuesday, utilizing Herschel’s modern day tracking, I was able to see where my item was every step of the ride Until the day it was to be delivered. I looked as if it was stuck on 83rd and 2nd ave for hours. Once it started getting late I reached out via instant messenger on Herschel’s official site. I spoke to Sarah who tried to assure me she would do all she could but because it was late she wasn’t sure she would receive a response until the next morning. The next morning I was flying out and needed my bag. Sarah was apologetic, and assured me she would reach out once she had information for me. Early next morning, Sarah emailed me, the up to moment information about my delivery, which was assuring while traveling.

SideNote: UPS still sucks as a shipping company.

Has a company provided such good customer service, that you will shop with them again?

Tristan Jonez


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