Thanksgiving Blues.

Listen, I’m trying to spend thanksgiving in some other country, where they are not sitting around with a group of folks they are related to by blood who they would not otherwise be with. The spirit of Thanksgiving has been long lost amongst most families I know personally. I would’ve participated in Friendsgiving but my friends have fell off in their friend duties as of recent.

I’m beyond grateful for the blessings that I have in my life. I just don’t feel like I need to sit around a table with folks who I dont really like, telling them what’s going on in my life, when they dont really care to know. As I get older I realize I’m not putting on any fronts for anyone. I no longer see reasons to pretend, I’m not going to masquerade that we are so happy with one another for this one day. I most definitely choose to love them from a long, long distance. I used to be jealous of friends who had family gatherings, that were genuinely love filled, because I did not experience that with my own family. Once my mother died, I wasn’t with it anymore. I have the kind of family folk who only hit you up when they need something. Even if I had it, I would be broke that day. Work on calling me because you want to know how I’ve been doing then continue with that pattern, eventually I’ll believe you when you say you love or miss me.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Death by Cabbie

So recently I ventured out to Caliente Cab in the East Village as a suggestion from my niece who was raving about the guacamole. The service was pretty good, our waiter felt like he was my dad, and I was required to eat all of my food or else. I decided to skip drinks as I had shit to do the next morning.

Well honey, let me tell you, I ate a killer avocado! The effects were not immediate but when they came it was swift. It was looking for some type of revenge, I’m assuming it did not appreciate being taken from his friends in the kitchen to be placed on my table. Who the hell knows.

I’m not sure If I will be willing to go back to Caliente Cab as my go to Mexican eatery is Gonzalez Y Gonzalez. If I ever do go backĀ I will be sure to stay the eff away from the avocados. I don’t even want them near my table.


FYI When given the bill, it comes with a postcard, I LOVE that touch from restaurants.