San. (Chi)

Ive been exploring Chicago, didn’t I tell yall? My bestie forever and ever came to Chicago a few weeks ago, and I had a staycation in Chicago. We stayed at EMC2, and explored streetville … Did I tell you I love Chicago? One of the best cities… In the World! While my bestie went to hang out with another friend, I decided to take myself to dinner. I was feeling Ramen, so one quick google search later, I stumbled upon, right around the corner is RAMEN-SAN Deluxe. Which google describes as “Hip setting for slurping Japanese noodle bowls & munching chicken wings with cocktails & sake bombs”. I didn’t try any of the sake bombs, but the vibe was on point.

Whoever created the playlist needs a raise, straight 90’s Hip Hop with sprinkles of R&B, it was such a mood. Definitely the spot for a meet-cute first date, especially if yall are into good food, without breaking the bank. However you know me, Imma sample everything, so my bill was a bit pricey but … shrugs shoulders.

When trying a new restaurant, do you stick to the items you normally get or do you branch out a bit?

Tristan J.


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