But Why?

Elevation Requires Separation; Fortunately OR Unfortunately?

Not Sometimes, Not when its convenient, not when everyone is on the same page, Always and usually when you least want to separate. I never separate because I want to, I usually venture out on my own because If I stay where and how I am, I’ll literally die. Yes, I am usually by myself but only because I seriously enjoy my own company but I love to include others into my World. At times I find that If I do not separate and do my own thing, I’ll never do the things I want to do.

Right now I’m working on two projects, well trying to work on them both. Sometimes I want to have folks to discuss what I should do. Does this font go, can I scrap this, should I release a limited edition, should I add my own notes, etc but the more I work on my projects, I feel like my circle has gotten so incredibly small. I feel myself pushing myself to a new plateau, a new height, and I welcome that feeling, but to reach the next I have to, if only momentarily, create a lil distance from the life I’ve known for the life I want to live.

SideNote: Have you all had to separate in order to move two steps forward? How did you do this without offending anyone?


Excuse(s) Me?

Unfortunately I’ve mostly been the girl who puts a date on it before I actually do it. Stop waiting until Monday to start, stop waiting for “tomorrow”, stop waiting for the first of the month to do it. As soon as you imagine the change, complete the change then and there. I know what I’m asking of you, I’m asking you to get uncomfortable. When you set a future date, you’re just giving yourself time to back out. Time to talk yourself out of the very thing you dreamt up. 

I can’t tell you how many Mondays have come and gone, and I was still in the same place. I made no moves toward anything but the nearest excuse. For example, I’ve been meaning to print out the two books I’ve created but I would say, next day off, I’ll go to Staples or before work I’m heading to Staples. In all that time, I made no real effort to go, if before work I’d say I don’t want to be late or I’d rather sleep a lil more. I was telling myself excuses, consistently. 

Whatever you’re choosing to do, create the steps then and there! I promise Once you start to do the work, the Universe will reward you. 


Be Careful who you go to War for, cuz once they’ve called a Truce; You’re still the Enemy.

I had to really examine myself and my actions when it pertains to others. I have always been willing to fight and defend those who can’t/won’t but I am not doing that anymore. When I go to War on someone’s behalf I am ready for the consequences of such actions, however I didn’t realize that the person Im going to War for could call a Truce and forget to include me in the deal. After going through my latest battle because of someone else, I have learned to let folks fight their own battles. I will be neutral as that is the only way to be safe. I have to learn to allow folks to make the decisions they deem necessary, All the while, respecting those decisions. If I should be asked to help, I will politely decline, as I have to learn to stay within the limits of friendship I’ve set.


Museum Mile Fest

I’m always in the mood for a festival, the icing on top is free access to Seven Museums?!

Just count me in!

Most Museums in New York City have a suggested fee for entrance, however most folks don’t know that, so they end up paying full price! Well not this gal! My favorite museum in New York is The MET! I am fully obsessed, and like most museum I can, and usually spend all day there. There’s so much to see, and resee! (Word?) During the festival, I do think I am going to focus all my attention on the Guggenheim! I’ve been there exactly once and that was years ago with my mother. If I’m not mistaken she had a school assignment, so naturally I tagged along. To this day, the magic of the Guggenheim still blows me away, and I cannot wait to refresh my memory with its beauty!

I will try to make an effort to visit at least one other museum but I highly doubt I’ll be able to pull myself away from the Guggenheim. I will try to dance in the street, or decorate the sidewalk with chalk! If you are in the New York City area, please do partake in the festivities!

SideNote: Its forecasted to rain but the rain doesn’t stop a thang, just bring your rainboots and umbrella, I’ll see you there!

Tristan Jonez.





Out of Love

Ladies, Please document your pregnancies!

This is the only photo I have ever seen of my mother pregnant. Its surreal to know that I am in her stomach baking in this photo! It gets me a bit teary eyed too. Just thinking about all the hopes and dreams she probably had for her baby girl. All the plans she had made her in head for her daughters future. The future that she created in her heart for what she believed her daughter could accomplish.

I am a bit awe struck that my mother, with the help of my dad, was able to create this life. Like how amazing is it knowing that I would be born, a life perfected. That I would be born into and inside of absolute Love. If I am fortunate to become a parent, I promise to take all the photos I can! I’ll show them to my offspring, so they can have this sense of pride, that not only was they wanted, but they was made out of Love.

Tristan J.

SideNote: Shout Out to my Aunt for sharing this photo with me. My older sister, and Older cousin is in the photo as well.






Sometimes I honestly feel as if I don’t really have anyone to lean on. Better yet, I don’t feel as if I can unpack all the shit that weighs me down to someone and have them be equal parts understanding, and non judgmental. Basically I need me a ‘me’. I’ve perfected the art of being a friend, and I hate myself a lil for it. I wonder if I was less of a friend, if I would have more folks who appreciate me. I check up with people who I haven’t heard from in a while. I reach out when something seems off about their behavior, especially on social media. If I was needed I would drop everything to be there in person, if thats what it took to get them back to 100% I feel as if I am an after thought, like oh right, I should’ve invited T, or damn I forgot to call T about this event. If I went missing, besides my coworkers, I wonder if anyone would know notice. We have to start being better people to one another, be there for those that are there for us. Im often alone with my thoughts, that I had no choice but to love myself, if I didn’t I would’ve been lost my fuking mind.

I’m learning to unpack for myself. I write the things that I feel are needed to unpack, then I release that shit into the Universe and I move forward. I do my best to see in what areas I can improve in, and do my best to be aware when moving forward. There are days where Im unpacking similar things, but change takes time, so I don’t beat myself up. I just focus more on what I can do to bring about change.

How do you unpack?

Tristan Jonez

Seven Pounds (Reviewish)

Please do not EVER let me watch the movie, ‘Seven Pounds’! Ever!

The credits have finished rolling and I can not stop the tears from falling. I wonder If I could do it, IF I could give up my life to save someone else’s. Not just someone else, a stranger. A total stranger, someone who I had no prior knowledge of their life, only by watching them in the now, being able to figure out what type of person they are. Knowing you are the key to help, but by helping them, you were killing yourself.

I understand why the main character Ben Thomas (Will Smith) felt like he needed to repay what was lost to possibly restore balance in the Universe. Especially since he felt wholly responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of seven beings. Although I understand, I do think he could have repaid the Universe by being an amazing man, helping in all aspects that he could. He was an engineer, that was formally trained at M.I.T. so the ways in which he could repay the Universe back was endless. In a way I do believe him taking his life, although, for a commendable reason was slightly selfish. With Ben committing suicide he no longer had to deal with the emotions stemming from the accident, he no longer had to deal with anything.

What if the accident happened as a part of God’s (Whoever you believe in) plan? What if the lives lost, were due to a greater reason, a greater plan that Ben just wasn’t privy to? The movie leaves me with more questions than answers, however If I have to watch the movie again to get the answers, well then I’ll never have them. Cuz Im not ever going to watch that movie again. Twice was more than enough.

Have you guys seen it?

Tristan Jonez.