To Or Not.

Wow. So I just paid to renew my site, a site that I hardly ever used anymore. I don’t even have any excuses as to why I don’t really write, I just don’t. However the winter is coming, and I actually miss putting all my own tea out there so here I am, again. This time we’ll start off slow. A book review, a few reviews of movies, then we’ll dive into all I’ve been doing (or not) doing here in Chicago.

Welcome Back.


Valentine’s Day (review)

Who knew, Valentine’s Day, the movie was good? I just finished watching, and It was throughly enjoyable. Also, It tickled me when Ashton Kutcher’s character was trying to get a ticket, and went to the Southwest Airlines Counter. The movie was a bit chaotic, it reminded me of the movie Crash, where all the characters are connected. Valentine’s Day can really bring out all the emotions, from all characters. I do like we were able to see young love, newly love, love that was ending, friendship love blossoming into more, etc.

I might have to make this a tradition. Next year, Join me, we’ll be watching Valentine’s Day. Its a Date?


Valen times Day

Its my favorite holiday! Well, my second. (St. Patty’s Day Rule) However I love all the displays of outward love & affection. I know, I’m the girl that watches rom com’s for fun, even the ones I’ve seen a million times, so obviously its no secret that I’m just a sucker for (other people) love. I had to work Valentine’s weekend but I was able to get home early enough. I treated myself to a delicious dinner that I cooked myself, but the true kicker? I brought a cupcake before I left for work Three days ago … YUP I ate it! Judge Yaself, cuz I do not care.

Since I barely got any sleep last night, we diverted into BWI then was delayed for about three hours. So When I got home this afternoon, I cleaned my food bag, and settle in. I took an incredible hot af shower, put on my silver coloured satin pajamas, and watched After Earth. (Seen It?)

What do you choose to do today? Hopefully you spent it feeling loved.

Tristan Jonez.


Its approaching four months since I’ve dared to write. Dared to put my thoughts to ‘paper’. Seems like such a short time, and with so many new things happening. It’s weird how we go to bed feeling, and being one way, and wake up anew. I’ve had plenty to say, but no real desire to share. If I’m being honest, the one comment I received questioning who I was as person, and the decisions I made in regards to others, kinda took the fun out of this. Out of expressing myself, out of being who I am for all to see with no restrictions.

This is my safe space. My sacred space. And to have someone come in and feel entitled to expressing themselves in such manner, nah. I was scared to write and be judged or bashed for the things I freely chose to say. So with that in mind, I am throwing all that to the wind. I’m going to say whatever the fuck I want, and If anyone has feelings, well Fuck your feelings.

Love Always, Tristan Jonez.


Sidenote, How do y’all keep up with all the television shows/series and movies? Nevermind there’s Netflix, Starz, HboMAX, Showtime, Hulu, and every other type of streaming service, I mean, Its hard for me to remember the shows I like watching, let alone, the ones I need to Watch. I’ve been trying to rewatch “Insecure” for the past two months, so I can be emotionally prepared when the final season starts on October 23, but I haven’t even started! (SIGH!) There are so many movies/series I have saved or in my ‘watch list’ but I have no clue when I’ll be able to see them.

Plus I’ve gone back to reading. So now when I do have a bit of down time, I’m indulging in my favorite characters. Technically, I am reading two books at once currently. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do all that’s needed. How do yall do it?

Tristan Jonez.

W. Smith

While searching for the movie of the evening, I came across ‘After Earth’, decided to rewatch the trailer to refresh my memory. And Will Smith has a lovely voice! Its calming, and soothing, even when he saying something that isn’t very pleasant, but I think I could listen to him talk. Are there any actors that you could listen to their voice forever?

Tristan J.

Also, Have you watched the movie ‘After Earth’?


SZN Spooky

So Spooky Season is here! Well I’m late in writing as Spooky Season started October 1st. However lets not focus on the minor details … Ha! Well I’ve been watching scary movies, in the daytime of course, but its been a fun time. Granted I’ve watched movies I’ve seen before but in my defense, I’m easily scared, plus I live alone so there’s that. This year, I don’t have a list, I just scroll through the many many apps I have then I settle on a single or double feature.

Do yall have a tradition when it comes to the holidays? Specifically Halloween? Yes? Then Spill the Beans!



So … I really wanted to see the Kaws exhibit at Brooklyn Museum this year, but unfortunately I missed it. Granted I hadn’t been to NYC since March, and it really was out of sight, out of mind, but I attempted to go in the final days of the exhibit. However the weather was not making that easy, on the week that I was planning to go, a hurricane decided to form, so most flights cancelled. THEN New York flooded! I’m like is this all just a ploy so that I will not be able to absorb the Art, I need? Fortunately I have a BFF who loves me! Although I know he went to enjoy the exhibit, he was nice enough to take photos, and capture the essence of the exhibit.

Ready to see?

Tristan J.

2 Deep

I can’t remember the last time I watched ‘In too Deep’ as an adult, but its a good movie. LL Cool J, plays the hell out of ‘God’, whewwwww such a great job. Omar Epps as J.Reed, definitely tipped toe the line, especially being undercover for years. I cant imagine the psychology rewriting his brain needed. Plus, although ‘God’ was sentenced to plenty of years in jail, how could J.Reed, Officer Cole, still be able to live life, without checking his shoulder for .. forever.

Could yall be an undercover cop? The adrenaline appeals to me, but not a job for me.

Tristan J.


What does your favorite city sound like? Feel like? Every time I think of DC, it reminds me of sitting in a smokey blues lounge listening to jazz. Or when I listen to jazz, it brings me to DC. Always. I know a City can be a vibe, but I’ve only been to DC a handful of times, and it always reminds me of a 1930 jazz scene … in black and white. I haven’t been watching ‘Really Love’ like I was when it first came out but I do listen to the movie’s playlist. (I created the playlist on Spotify) The music cultivated in the movie, accurately depicts all the feels, while accurately portraying Washington DC.

What an incredible journey.

What, if any, Vibes does D.C. give you?


I NEVER want anyone to be brutally honest with me about anything but I would like folks to be wholly honest. Purposely omitting, telling half truths, isn’t the same as being fully honest, especially when you’re an adult. I’ve lived with the idea, if I am asking a question, I am prepared to received the harshest of news. Once again, If I am asking, I want to know the answer. And its ‘honorable’ to not want to hurt my feelings but you can’t control the narrative because you’re afraid of what my following action MIGHT be. If you set up the explanation in a way that I believe something that isn’t fully correct, then you’ve lied.

And Nobody wants to be bothered with a liar. Tighten Up!


Raising Victor

One of my absolute favorite movies, is ‘Raising Victor Vargas’, which is currently playing on Netflix. I’d call it a coming of age in which we follow the main character Victor Vargas in his pursuit to ‘claim’ Judy, the diamond of the neighborhood, however Judy has her own motives for ‘allowing’ the pursuit. I took a film class in high School, and this was one of the movies we analyzed. From first watch, I loved it! I even spent time in the LES (Lower East Side), and I have to attribute my love for the area to first being introduced by Raising Victor Vargas.

Have yall watched? If not, here is the sign to do so. Also, Been to the LES? Well, maybe we’ll have adventure time there, next time?

Tristan Jonez.