How happy is your Vag? 

My Vagina is the happiest she’s been in a very long time. We have become in sync with one another, how? I had to learn to listen to my body. Think about it, After eating avocados (RIP) , in some form, my body would reject it by hurting tremendously until I removed it from my body, usually by throwing it up. The vag behaves the same way. 
In my early twenties, my vag was always angry with me and as a result I was frequently present at my doctors office. Of course I thought I knew ‘her’ so I didn’t pay attention when she wanted more attention. I wasn’t taking care of my body, especially my vag. When I started to limit my juice and soda intake, she became happier, the more fruits and yogurts I introduced her cause her to then be extremely overjoyed. 
The September Issue of Essence has an amazing, and well informative, article on making sure your not only listening to your vagina but keeping her in the best of health. 
What are some things you’ve personally done to ensure your vaginas happiness? 

This Little Pig

So I am not really a fan of waffles, pancakes or syrup. I don’t really take the time I should to participate in Breakfast, I know I know, but when I do I usually have an egg (sunny Side up) on toast with cheese. When I do, brunch, I try to find something sweet and totally wrong for my diet. So When I arrived in Salt Lake City, I was on a mad hunt for food! Pig & A Jelly Jar was the top rated restaurant for Brunch so I figured, “Why not?”

I normally go for what the restaurant is known for, as it kind of ensures that the meal will be good, since they’ve perfected it. The meal was good, If I was to go back I would try something else but if you are a chicken and waffle lover, this would hit the spot for you. Unfortunately I didn’t care for the waffle or the syrup, but that’s cuz Im not a waffle fan. But the chicken was very well flavored, seasoned so good, juicy and a good coating of fried skin. I could have definitely go for a second helping; super delish! Once I was finished my meal, I saw there was an assortment of jelly flavors, NEXT TIME!

There’s nothing better than jelly on a butter biscuit.


Tired AF

Have you ever been tired AF but unable to find any rest at night?

This week I just couldn’t sleep! I’ve stopped taking sleeping pills to help me sleep a few years ago, and I refuse to go back to that routine. I would usually drink peppermint tea about an hour before ‘bedtime’ to try to ready my body for sleep. Since I moved to the new spot in Queens, I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase tea, or a mug so that’s been a wrap.

Since I love the beach, even though I have yet to visit one this summer, I found beach sounds on Spotify last night. I can’t be sure that was the cure to my insomnia but it definitely worked beautifully. I felt like I was sitting at my usual spot in Puerto Rico, under the sun, just blissfully relaxing. It was such a feeling! Its incredible how music can just transport us, damn there physically to another place.

Needless to say, I slept amazingly. What’s your trick when you can’t sleep?


Tristan J.

Dating Isn’t Free

I’ve always wondered how men approach dating, how they decided where they should take a date, if they thought through how the evening would go, was any real planning involved or if they just showed up and winged the whole shit. I had a very brief conversation with a friend tonight who stated something along the lines of women only care about a man’s money, and they don’t be wanting to date a broke man. To me, there are degrees of broke so I questioned the word broke but he didn’t break down what he meant by broke. 

I can ONLY speak for myself, but I don’t want to date a broke man. Broke being the inability to take US on a date, such as dinner and a movie and the like. I honestly believe myself to be a woman who likes a variety of dates, I’m extremely happy going to The MET museum, and it’s free but it does Cost to date! How will we get to know each other if I never see you interact in social settings. As a grown ass woman, with standards, I shouldn’t have to deprive myself of the activities I like to partake in because you can’t afford to participate. If I love to travel, but you hate to explore a new country, does that mean I should give up my love for travel? 

Just like you should live within your mean, you should also date your wage. Perhaps there’s a girl out there that enjoys meeting up to chill, or solely talking on the phone for months at a time. I know that wouldn’t work for me. However if you are upfront with what you expect while dating, lord knows this will save everyone time and energy. 

Tristan Jonez 

Chief Don’t Run.

So who’s responsibility was it to tell me all about Jidenna? Cuz y’all dropped the ball miserably. Why wasn’t I told about how amazing as an artist this man is? Or at the very minimum, why didn’t anyone tell me about his album? Shame on you guys for trying to keep this talent away from me! For the past week I’ve been obsessed with his music! Between Jidenna and Wale, I have my music palette filled. It’s weird because when I think I am done with listening to The Chief, I’m right back to bumping it.

So … because I am a Johnny come late with everything, especially music, I am out of luck in securing tickets for his tour. Yup! I will not be seeing Jidenna perform anything live! I am so heartbroken as I KNOW his album would be the truth. I’ve never seen him perform any of his songs, or even seen any videos from him but I know he would just give his all to us, the fans. Especially since he came to Molly’s (perceived) rescue on Insecure… I know, I know, that’s not real life, but hey! Do you guys have any favorite songs from this album? It took me forever to narrow it down to just three, but the whole album is FIRE!

Top Three: Chief don’t run, Bambi, The Let Out… Honorable mention Little Bit More, Helicopters / Beware, Some Kind of Way and Trampoline

Tristan Jonez


A trip, any destination, virtually means nothing without a trip to a cupcake shop. While in Salt Lake City, I just had to sample one of the Best Cupcake shop, which happened to be Sweet Cake Bake Shop located in Downtown Utah. The shop is nestled on a cute lil street next to a few eateries. 

Of course being the person I am I arrive twenty minutes before closing time, so I kept it simple with three mini cupcakes, chocolate, hummingbird and carrot cake. (Sorry, No Red Velvet this time) Surprisingly the Carrot Cake was my absolute favorite, it was like biting into a sunny day the first day after rain. So super moist but not overly sweet. It was perfection. Chocolate would have to be second as it was almost too sweet but they somehow managed to add just the right mixture. Unfortunately hummingbird fell flat, it just had no umph, no kick. 

I must say this was a “sweet” stop in my exploration of Utah. If ever in Utah, be sure to add Sweet Cake on your list of stops. 

Sweet Cake Bake Shop

457 E 300th S

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Tristan Jonez 


Well Are you? 

I’ve learned, especially this current year that I offer all my biggest blessings to my friends, if in need. I believe that as a friend I’m supposed to be there when my friends are in need. It surprised me to find out that there are friends out there that are not extending their biggest blessings. 

And if you found out someone wasn’t offering you their biggest blessing can they really be considered a friend? Sorry but they cannot. Take this as an example, this week you just don’t have enough money to buy yourself groceries. As a friend if I know this, and I do not volunteer to help with either the buying of groceries, or cooking for you or even giving you what I have in my fridge, whatever I can do for you. No way am I saying you should put yourself in the hole BUT if you aren’t offering your BIGGEST blessing then what are you offering? 

And the biggest blessings doesn’t have to be monetary. I have a friend whom I love dearly, and for me the biggest blessing he’s blessed me with has been his amazing listening ear, providing his time for ‘advice time’ and his unwavering loyalty. I’ve learned who my friends are just by their actions, don’t bind yourself to someone who isn’t tipping the scale equal. I honestly believe if you receive a blessing, it’s not yours to keep forever tucked away in your pocket. Be a true blessing to someone else and offer your biggest blessing. 

Tristan J