I know I have these moments of extensive quiet, where I don’t chat with guys, then boom, I’ll be back. Well this is one of those moments, where I am back … for now.

Hmm Whats new? What have y’all been up to? Since the last time we’ve spoken, Ive gotten older.. My birthday has come and gone, 35 baby! Leading up to my personal holiday, I wasn’t exactly excited but I had a good experience. We’ll chat about it later on tho. I’ve been making some changes, personal, and I’m feeling good about them.

Oh! And I’ve been watching shows, so be ready to read a couple of reviews. Listen, I have some great great recommendations for a few Netflix and HBO shows! Ohhhhh weeeee, its currently 3:49a, and I am yawning, so I don’t know how long I am going to last. Can we pick this conversation up tomorrow?

Tristan Jonez