One Night Only (Atl)

I’m not sure there can ever be a conversation about Atlanta without including a ten hour chat about The Soul Food Options. When I think of Atl, that’s the first thing I think of. I had the pleasure of experiencing Mary Mac’s Tea Room. We, my friend Towana and I, arrived early and the wait wasn’t as long as I imagined it would be.

Our waiter was spectacular! Truth being told, the food was amazing but he made my experience what it was with his charm and wit! On to the food! The menu is a bit massive, so get a start while waiting in the lobby for your table. Also keep in mind, you’ll be writing down your food choices, so don’t freak out! Cuz I was like oh God! This makes my choices permanent!

I opted for the meatloaf , which was divine and definitely southern. I believe there was a touch of sugar in the sauce but it blended well with the tanginess of the tomatoes. Whipped mashed potatoes weren’t as ‘whipped’ as I’d imagine them to be but still delish with the brown gravy. Added collard greens cuz … the south. A very good meal to devour before ending my night flying back to Dallas.

Have you been to Mary Mac’s Tea Room?

Tristan Jonez

Low Country

So you know I can’t possibly live in a city and not find the nearest seafood boil! Thanks instagram, you know exactly what I like. Recently I went to Low Country in Chicago, for happy hour, unfortunately I have a habit of being late so I almost missed the whole event! SideNote: Happy Hour damn sure is an event, forever! The happy hour menu consisted of one pound of mussels and fries for 10$. The jalapeno cornbread sounded too good to ignore, when it came out it was buttery, with a hint of spice.

The rum punch was smack your momma good. It was smooth going down, didnt really taste the alcohol but people, it was there. I also had the sangria but I like I said I was late getting to the festivites that I damn there wasnt able to get my drinks in. But at least, I was able to capture one beautiful photo.

The Mussels were seasoned so incredibly well I wanted to take some bread and just sop (is that a word?) it all up. However as for the mussels themselves, they were extra chewy. Im not sure if thats how they are supposed to be but when in New York, I’ve never had that experience. I ate about half of them but I couldnt stomach the chewiness anymore.

Tristan Jonez.

Low Country is located 3343 N. Clark St, Chicago IL 60657

Bourbon Street.

As an Obsessed lover of all things New Orleans, I’m not sure how real a restaurant can be if there are only two items on the menu that include Craw fish! Since I have yet to eat at this establishment I will try to hold all my judgement until then but I’m slightly judging. Furthermore I’m not sure that Cajun Quesadilla, and Craw fish added into the Mac & Cheese qualify as menu options. If I want to visit an authentic New Orleans restaurant, I want crawfish to be available in ALL my dishes.

SideNote: The fact that the restaurant is named “Bourbon Street” gets a side eye!

I’ll be visiting to partake soon enough, then I will update you about my visit.

Tristan Jonez

SideNote II: I just read the very mixed reviews on Yelp, definitely wasn’t that helpful.


Here’s my story.

As y’all know I had promised myself since I had previously went to three (!!!) #DiningwithDariusCooks I didn’t need to attend anymore. However because I had talked about him and his events (So Much) I had friends who had yet to experience the splendor, so when tickets became available for New York, they purchased tickets, and wanted me to tag along. Although I had just came back from the Chicago date a few weeks earlier, and I really didn’t want to go to the New York date, I still purchased a ticket. I couldn’t let my friends have a ‘house party’ without me, so of course I was down to go again.

Well the day was coming up, and we are all so excited! I’m telling them all about the past dates and how much fun I had with the other guests, including my friends outside of work. So you can imagine the disappointment, when there was no event. Yup, it was cancelled but I did NOT receive any notice of the cancellation. I sent an email, and my friend also sent an email, to which we did not receive a reply. It just so happened, Darius started a Live on Instagram, to which I sent a message, and he stated “I’m not on here to talk about Dining with Darius Cooks but the event was cancelled, check your spam” Now being that I’ve been THREE TIMES BEFORE I know to check my spam, and yet there was nothing there. I even had my friend check her inbox and spam boxes, same thing, no email! So I didn’t trip, I was just like I understand that he has a lot going on, since he had recently opened his restaurant but I’m annoyed. IF you were going to canceled an event, at least have the imagination to call the folks, personally, or have someone who works with you call, if you were too busy to do it yourself.

The event was scheduled to take place on June 19, I submitted my request for a refund, but I am STILL patiently waiting. I’m unclear as to why it is taking this long, but its a lesson learned. Like I Said in the beginning, I may be able to support him later on but as for right now, I’m 100% good on him. However It did create a bad impression for my friends who purchased tickets, and were left to figure out the next steps they should take.

I think I may still tap him to be the chef for my wedding, as his food is that good! Unless I find a Chef I vibe with, then that’s a wrap! However I definitely wish him the very best!

Tristan Jonez.