Fright Festival

So this year I was fortunate to have a friend care about me enough to invite me to fright fest at Six Flags Great Adventures in Jackson, New Jersey. As you all know, I am not a fan of group activities, so my first thought was to say no thank you, however I surprised myself by confirming that I would be in attendance. We were scheduled to go the night before Halloween, but it was forecast to rain all day, so I was playing it by ear. It did rain, the morning of but luckily, all the clouds cleared out by mid afternoon, with the park opening at 5pm, there was enough time for the rides to be dry. There was a total of eleven people in the group, did I mention they were coworkers? Well yes, it was, so I broke two of my rules in one night.

Disclaimer, I am not a fan of scary ish. I have been known to scare easy, so lord only knows why I agreed to go. There was a few times, I was so scared I could pee my pants. The problem, the zombies, creepers and clowns are only in certain parts of the park, so you actually do forget they are there. Until one is scaring the shit out of you, then its too late. There’s the fog that comes out, which makes it ten times worst than what it really is.

Although the park was semi packed, we did not have to wait in line for a ride, until our last ride which was the Superman. And I rode the Kingda Ka twice. Did I mention how cold it was? Geez! So Imagine being in a rollercoaster flying through the air, with your stomach dropping at every turn… fun! I know! Six Flags is fun no matter the time of year, but make sure you pencil in Fright Fest for your next adventure.

Tristan J

SideNote: Don’t forget to grab a funnel cake with Strawberries before you leave.