Its approaching four months since I’ve dared to write. Dared to put my thoughts to ‘paper’. Seems like such a short time, and with so many new things happening. It’s weird how we go to bed feeling, and being one way, and wake up anew. I’ve had plenty to say, but no real desire to share. If I’m being honest, the one comment I received questioning who I was as person, and the decisions I made in regards to others, kinda took the fun out of this. Out of expressing myself, out of being who I am for all to see with no restrictions.

This is my safe space. My sacred space. And to have someone come in and feel entitled to expressing themselves in such manner, nah. I was scared to write and be judged or bashed for the things I freely chose to say. So with that in mind, I am throwing all that to the wind. I’m going to say whatever the fuck I want, and If anyone has feelings, well Fuck your feelings.

Love Always, Tristan Jonez.