So Spotifiy’s 2020 Wrapped has been released, which showcases you musical taste for the year 2020. Not surprising, I was all about show tunes, and specifically Hamilton the Musical. Its just a testament to my OCD with how much I listened to the album, and how quickly it became my most played album/musical selection. SIdenote; There was a few nights I fell asleep to the song “Wait for it”. My best friend J has shared his playlist with me, and there’s NOT a show tune in sight! (Laughing) Its definitely a Rap/Hip Hop, with sprinkles of Reggae, Afrobeats and Caribbean sprinkled in. With a few dashes of R&B and Soul. Although I am not going to admit this to him, its a well rounded playlist. I’ve even hearted a few songs for myself.

How does your musical selection stack up for 2020? What y’all recommending to me?

Tristan Jonez.