Remember Supermarket Sweep?

I remembering watching the show, telling myself when I grew up I was going to be a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. The thought of running through the aisle looking for the cash prize at the end, always made my day. In my mind, if I could just get on the show, all my dreams would come true. Well when I think, that was my only dream! Unfortunately Supermarket Sweep went off the air before I had to the chance to grow up, and be a featured guest.

I would say that I would start a petition for the show to be revamped since they seem to put ANYTHING on television, now a days. But I learned my lesson when I went so hard for the television show, The Game to come back on. When the show returned it was a horrible mess on BET! So I am just going to continue to play Supermarket Sweep when I am at my local grocery store, at least this way, I am always the winner!

Are there any games shows you wish you could be a contestant?

Tristan Jonez