Since I’ve finished watching ‘Alice in Borderland’ I’m still on par with watching Asian series, so that brings us to ‘Warrior’. Now that I’m writing, it definitely reminds me of ‘Into the Badlands’ but I think only because of the fighting. It does remind me a bit of GOT, with all the moving parts, and characters.

‘Warrior’ follows a Prodigy, in his quest to navigate being an ‘onion’ in 1800’s America. Which was not a kind place for ANYONE who wasn’t white. I’m taking the series slow, but I’m on the fifth episode and Chile, Ah Sahm, the prodigy, has made some (head shaking) poor decisions, and it doesn’t seem like he is willing to make any better of decisions. Its a slow build storyline wise, however, as you put the pieces together, the fighting keeps you drawn in. So far, Lee is my fav character, but he definitely running from something … or someone.

Warrior is shown on HBOMax. I’ll take a few days to allow you to catch up, so I won’t be spilling any tea.

Tristan Jonez.