In conjunction with living a healthier lifestyle, I’m partaking in #SelfCareSunday. What is that you ask? Oh it’s just a day where you put yourself first. You cater to your own needs, whatever they may be. Today you are not allowed to do for others as you’d normally would, nope. This day is all about you. 

I don’t want to even hear the word selfish! You have a RIGHT to replenish your cup, after dealing with kids, work, traffic, and all the other shit in between you have to recharge. Regenerate those brain cells you killed being superwoman/superman. Men this is for you as well. Being the head of household, even if it’s a household of one, is hard work. I need you to power your battery pack to 100% for the upcoming week. 

Granted it’s called #SelfCareSunday my “Sundays” are Tuesdays since I’m needed at the workplace. I haven’t planned what I’m NOT going to do but I’m giving myself a rest. I’ve been doing the most cuz I have myself to depend on. Can’t pass the buck cuz there’s no one to pass it to, but it’s A Okay. I love fall, so I’m actually thinking of going to Van Corlandt park to capture the spirit of fall. 

What’s your plans for #SelfCareSunday? 



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