To Or Not.

Wow. So I just paid to renew my site, a site that I hardly ever used anymore. I don’t even have any excuses as to why I don’t really write, I just don’t. However the winter is coming, and I actually miss putting all my own tea out there so here I am, again. This time we’ll start off slow. A book review, a few reviews of movies, then we’ll dive into all I’ve been doing (or not) doing here in Chicago.

Welcome Back.


Valen times Day

Its my favorite holiday! Well, my second. (St. Patty’s Day Rule) However I love all the displays of outward love & affection. I know, I’m the girl that watches rom com’s for fun, even the ones I’ve seen a million times, so obviously its no secret that I’m just a sucker for (other people) love. I had to work Valentine’s weekend but I was able to get home early enough. I treated myself to a delicious dinner that I cooked myself, but the true kicker? I brought a cupcake before I left for work Three days ago … YUP I ate it! Judge Yaself, cuz I do not care.

Since I barely got any sleep last night, we diverted into BWI then was delayed for about three hours. So When I got home this afternoon, I cleaned my food bag, and settle in. I took an incredible hot af shower, put on my silver coloured satin pajamas, and watched After Earth. (Seen It?)

What do you choose to do today? Hopefully you spent it feeling loved.

Tristan Jonez.


So … I really wanted to see the Kaws exhibit at Brooklyn Museum this year, but unfortunately I missed it. Granted I hadn’t been to NYC since March, and it really was out of sight, out of mind, but I attempted to go in the final days of the exhibit. However the weather was not making that easy, on the week that I was planning to go, a hurricane decided to form, so most flights cancelled. THEN New York flooded! I’m like is this all just a ploy so that I will not be able to absorb the Art, I need? Fortunately I have a BFF who loves me! Although I know he went to enjoy the exhibit, he was nice enough to take photos, and capture the essence of the exhibit.

Ready to see?

Tristan J.

Love me right the first time. It is NOT a badge of honor for a man to come back to you. I would love it if they all stayed away, after the first time. Funny story, I recently had a man tell me, he apologized that he didn’t handle me correctly. Mister, I took it as an L, and I’ve moved on from it. (I’m okay taking L’s but I’m not going to continue to waste my time with you) I suggested he do the same. However curiosity came over me, and I asked why he didn’t. Well. No shocker, he was dating me and another at the same time, and went with her but it didn’t work out. He described it as the movie “Boomerang” which is comical in itself.

He also went on to ask if we can kick it again but why would I? You didn’t know what you had, and unfortunately I can’t go backwards. I’m tired of awarding second chances. I want folks to know what they have the FIRST time around.


In the Hghts.

If y’all don’t know .. and yall should, but I’m from New York, grew up In the heights. Washington Heights. Specifically I grew up in Dyckman Projects. So I remember when ‘in the heights’ was on Broadway, but No I didn’t see it. However I listen to the original soundtrack all the time. So yall know the movie came out recently, No I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack, and Nah, I can’t get with it. I promise I’ve been trying to love it but its a hard pass for me. Out of the new soundtrack, I only like two songs, The Club, and Blackout, but I still love the original songs for those two songs.

I love ‘Benny ‘s Dispatch but the original with Christopher Jackson and Many Gonzalez. When I listen to the movie version with Corey Hawkins, when he says “Big papi in town for the weekend’ WHO THE FUCK IS THAT? I cant!

Have yall listened to the either soundtracks?

Tristan Jonez.

The guy I was dating, recently had twins. Weirdly enough I didn’t feel any type of way. I was like Wow, you had more kids. Idk If its because we’re no longer dating but I’m no longer attracted to him either. Its weird af too, but I was looking at the recent photos he posted and its was like eh. There was no spark, no nothing, no magic, I was even questioning why I was so infatuated with dude. It took a while to get over that situation so clap for me, cuz I am done with that!

Has that ever happened to you? You’re no longer attracted to someone you once was?



OMGGGGGGGGG! I was able to finally watch Raya and the last dragon on Disney+! It was so amazingly good. I was watching on my last flight from LAX to Chicago, and of course it made me cry! Such a big ole baby. But I knew it was going to be a movie, I would love. Disney+ made us wait if we chose NOT to purchase the premier access. However I was not spending an additional 30$ to watch a movie. HELL NO! Yall know I love musicals, and I am surprise this was not one, but it didn’t need the musical treatment. I’m probably going to watch it again!

Tristan Jonez.

Have you seen it yet? Lets Chat.


I will Not complain, but I haven’t been to the beach since January! And for me, that feels like forever! However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to experience the beach this past week, granted it was only for five hours, but it was much needed. Flew into VPS, Ft. Walton Beach/Destin, my overnight was about 18 hours, but I really needed to wash my hair. As soon as I got into my room, I quickly unraveled my twists, and detangled my natural hair. After what felt like a million hours, hair done. In the morning I wasted no time, getting down to the beach! White Soft Sand Beach, with the sun greeting me as soon as I walked out the door.

When was the last time yall have the chance to visit the beach?


Dream Girl

Men will create the opportunity to ‘Real Life’ obtain their dream girl, then fumble. I believe both men and woman are the ones who choose, but consistency is the fucking key. No relationship is perfect, however acknowledge your wrong doings, and apologize. For me, that’s the key. We can, and will have disagreements, but it in HOW you choose to argue. I am not disrespectful so I would never allow someone to treat me in a disrespectful manner, ever. Any person who cant check themselves is not a man I want to be with. Why would I?

Whether plutonic or relationship, If I am wrong I will apologize with the quickness. Shit we all learned conflict resolution in school, utilize those skills love! I am not going to date men from my past, if you didn’t have the balls to approach me then, maybe I am not for you. All Love tho.

Tristan Jonez.


You didn’t ask but I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Even with my melatonin, I just can’t sleep! My bed, shout out to my best friend, is comfortable as ever but I lay in it, lights turned off and I just cant sleep! Last night was Day Three of Operation No Sleep! Sigh.

So When I got up at 7am, I know, I was seeking something to assist me. Here comes Bath Time! Yes, at 8am, I cleaned my tub, and prepped for a bath. In my circle of friends, I am the bath Queen. No matter my mood, or what’s going on in the World around me, Its always a great time to take a bath. I made a lil bath cocktail (Ingredients layered to create a bath mood) and while I was in there, I focused on exfoliating my body. So scrub scrub scrub, with a pumice on my feet, and with a sugar body scrub for everything else. Can I tell y’all how relaxed, and chill I was? Listen! … If that bath date, self care routine doesn’t help me sleep, then shit I might be a lost cause.

Tristan Jonez.

What do yall use to help relax yall for bedtime?

Money Mula Pesos

“Money Cant buy Happiness”

But I’m chasing the access it affords you. WE all know that money, or anything can’t provide you with happiness, that can only be found within … However. Money DOES afford access! I like being able to purchase whatever I want. I like being able to afford things/services I define as luxury, without having to rob Peter to pay Paul. I used to, and sometime still am, be frugal with myself. With the things I wanted, but as I get older, I find that I’m willing to Pay for those things which makes my life easier. So I don’t always have the time to cook for work, so I outsource that task, when needed. I’m in the process of outsourcing my laundry services, because its just too hot to physically do laundry … and I don’t want to.

Tristan J.

Do you agree with the statement, ‘Money affords you access versus Happiness’?


Love, Death & Robots.

Have yall watch this? Well please do. I started with Season two, unintentionally. However once I turned it on, it was hard to turn it off. I’ve watch a handful of Black Mirror episodes, but it reminds me of that, but animated. Each episode, between 6-13 minutes, have a different theme, but all within one of the main themes of Love, Death & Robots. I’m planning on watching season one, the beginning of next week, so there’s still time for you to jump on and watch so we can discuss.

Until then,

Tristan J.