If I have one word of advice for men and women alike, stop wasting folks time. If you KNOW you aren’t interested, stop acting like you are. It doesn’t matter how much someone may be feeling you, keep it pushing if you do not feel the same way. There’s nothing worse than wasted time as I can never get it back. When a relationship/dating don’t work out as I thought it would because you weren’t really feeling me, there’s no remote that I can use to rewind the time spent on you. I’ll never be able to redistribute that time and energy into something or someone else.

You are not hurting my feelings by declining my number. You are doing me a favor by declining to waste my time. I may not appreciate you then but I will eventually. I’m learning to be open in my emotions with the opposite sex; I’m a fan of being cut and dry. It doesn’t make me thirsty to be like ‘I’m interested, what’s up?” I’m not taking anything away, but let’s just put the cards on the table, I’m not trying to be your friend, I have enough of those. I want more. I’d rather you tell me at month one versus month seven that you aren’t interested in more.