All my business

So It wouldn’t be right if I was all in your business, but never revealed any of mine so this is my time to talk about me… in dept, a bit.

I’m a sensitive cookie. Yes I’m tough, and I’m a fighter, and I’ll beat your ass if I needed to but at my core I’m a sensitive chick. So, as most of you know I moved back to New York from Bmore when I was 17, that was a hard ass transition, as I was leaving my friends and family. I started from scratch, new high school in my senior year, I had to get to know new folks, thank God I’m a friendly hood girl cuz they would’ve ate me alive.

Let’s get back on topic. I’m only speaking on this as it still bothers me from time to time. Since I left Bmore, my childhood friends never really made an effort to come to new york, prior to having children, to see me. I cant be mad at that as we were under 17, but I made the effort. I still try to make the effort but the shit going on in my life is not always in black and white. So Its not always as easy as it used to be for me to come to Baltimore, no matter how much I would like to drop everything and go!

Its funny cuz they don’t know how good they got it together, as they have EACH OTHER. My childhood friends, Tracy, Ashley and Chantel. Lord knows I know I wish them utmost success in everything they ever decide to pursue. However I don’t think we are really friends anymore… Out of sight, Out of mind. I’ve been up in New York for a lil too long. There’s a type of friendship that I’m looking for from the folks that would like to be in my life, I want to be included in your good news, new births, monumental birthdays, kids activities, I want to be there for those events. Granted I need more than a days notice, but I wanted to be included. As a friend I shouldn’t have to beg to be included. It took me a while to realize this, but there is not one ounce of love lost. I still love those three girls as if my mother had birthed them herself, I just know its time to say goodbye to the childhood friendship I held with them.

Love you girls. Always.

Tristan J.


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