Looking to Buy

I’ve always been willing to support any online business that speaks to my spirit as well as my brand as a human. I’m actively on the look out for anything that will make my body look its absolute best, however what I’ve been finding, is there are businesses with no real look or feel. How can I reach you, if there is no contact information? No Website? Not even a telephone number. Why would I want to give you my hard earned money If you don’t bother to provide me with the very basics?

Tonight I was browsing my Instgram findings, but when googling these companies and business I’m finding lackluster websites. If it looks shady, why would I want to purchase anything from you? Granted I know how hard it can be to get your business off the ground, so I am not judging, but when its looks like you are about to take my money, that’s a problem. Invest in your websites as you invest in Instagram, and such other outlets.

I’m trying to contact you as I want to support your businesses and your causes. I can’t do that if you don’t even bother to give me the bare minimum. Help me, support you.

Tristan J.



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