Versus Routine

You want to date me? Set it up in advanced.

I swear, that is the very basic of dating 101. I should not have to tell or explain to you why this is a critical step. Be smart and aware enough to understand I have a social life, a work life, a blog life, etc. so it would make sense to schedule something. Have respect for my time, as I have respect for your time. I loathe a routine, even though that’s exactly what my life has become lately. Being spontaneous will win you major points with me, BUT you have to know me a lil bit before you’re able to be accurately spontaneous with me.

Any one I’ve ever dated would all agree I love quick surprises, but you can’t want to randomly hit me up saying lets hang out. Nope. That’s not you respecting whatever else I may have going on in my life.

Let’s get it together fellas.

T. Jonez


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