Goin’ Going

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was to let go. It surprises me that I am so open to meeting new folks, since I take it hard when the friendship fails. I do find comfort in the thought that everything happens for a reason, so when something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t cripple me. However something drastic has to happen for me to cut someone off, and even then I’m always in jeopardy of lending a helping hand if needed.

Have you ever said, No I’m not dealing with this shit anymore, then a few months later, you’re dealing with that shit? HA! I also find the humor in everyday life shit, everyday life stressors, but if I didn’t I would be crazier than I am now.

What routines do you create to help you let go? Let go of people or situations that no longer benefit you?

Tristan Jonez