Christmas With Dru Hill

I am always excited when I get new music from Dru Hill, but they dropped a holiday album, and I think I need a tour as well!

Christmas in Baltimore, is their first project of new music in seven years! Seven years, y’all! Before I heard a song, I was excited to hear they had been in the studio together. My only Christmas wish this year, is for the R&B group to continue to create new music. Of this 9 song project, there are only two songs I could’ve done without but I’d still listen to at least half of those tracks (Fireplace, Silent Night) before I turned to the next song.

My two absolute favorite songs are Favorite Time of Year and This Christmas. This Christmas is an original song, not the classic holiday song we are used to hearing. I just love me some R&B, and Dru Hill. I can definitely see this album in rotation for the Christmas season and maybe I’ll even push it to February. Have you heard the new album yet? And speaking of touring, has any of you been to their anniversary reunion concert? If so, please tell me all about it!

Tristan Jonez.