Need a Boost?

When in Reno, one must experience the National Automobile Museum!

If you know me, you know I don’t know much about cars, and when I say much I mean nothing. As a New Yorker, we aren’t even required to have a driver’s license but looky looky I do have mine! Don’t tell anyone, but at times I do get confused with the gas and the brakes! (Laughing) IF you ever see me on the road, behind the wheel, just pull over. Sorry, I got distracted, let’s get back to The National Automobile Museum.

As I was saying, I am not someone who really knows much about cars and I had the time of my life here. There are four galleries in which to see the cars, thru the ages. Feel free to join the tour, or explore on your own as I did. There’s also an area in which you can see the mechanics restoring cars of yester-year. The price is 12$ for admission but its a small price to pay to visualize yourself in cars of the past. There are also interactive exhibits which allows you a chance to have a hands on experience.

Tristan Jonez.


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