Art Q (STL)

So since we’ve all been pretty much quarantined, there’s so much art that I haven’t been able to view. Although I am in isolation now, when I was flying, I was truly keeping my eye out for artwork in the airports I had to fly to and through. Today, we are going to take a spin in STL aka St. Louis Lambert International Airport, which happens to be one of my favorite cities. Artist Mike Schwartz, brought to the STL airport via The Lambert Art and Culture Program, their mission to elevate the visitor experience and uplift regional pride […] Schwartz wanting to create a personalized baby gift for the upcoming birth of his grandson, taught himself to make hand-embroidered squares for a baby quit. Upon the completion of two more quilts for two more grandsons, Schwartz realized he’d be able to extend his range of what he could be able to do with framing the embroidered squares since rust, and being laundered wouldn’t be a concern.

Upon looking at the artwork, what formed shapes, images do you see?