For Free

I either obsess about something, or I care absolutely nothing about it. Most times there’s no in between, a bad habit for sure but I am working on trying to find a balance. Lately a comment that a man made a few months ago, has been living in my head rent free, which is annoying. Especially because its not a true statement, but that’s how I am. Just replaying it, and shorty doesn’t deserve any of my braincells. I did, however, really analyze what he wrote, discussed it with my therapist, so I’m not harping on its’ validity. Mostly just the fact he thought he had the right to say anything at all. Audacity is definitely on sale for free in 2020.

All that to say, What folks say, isn’t always what it is. They can only speak from their very limited vantage point. So stop letting what people say, live in your head rent free.