Post Valentine

I set the standard! If I am not consistent with myself, how can I expect someone else to be consistent with me? If I do not take care of myself, how can I expect someone else to take care of me? Plus I think its just good practice to love on yourself, spoil yourself, be good to yourself, prior to believing it is the job of someone else.

There are some holidays I love more than others but I try to celebrate the ones that resonate with me. Also, this year I told myself I was going to be CONSISTENT with how I show myself love. So for Valentine’s Day, I took myself on a solo date to the Art Museum of Chicago, then I came home and cooked a fabulous dinner, of Lobster Tails, Semi Mashed potatoes topped with a garlic butter sauce, and seasoned green beans. I did have someone say, “Lobster tails … and wine?” Yes! All of that, and I had dessert too! Am I supposed to sulk at home, while eating a TV dinner because I didn’t have a male Valentine? Nah, I’m too fabulous to ever sulk!

What did y’all do for Valentines Day/Night?

Tristan Jonez


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