Guess who’s back at work?

Of Course, Me. I don’t know if its because I haven’t been flying in over 290 days, but I am always so tired. I find myself, no my body screaming for the bed as soon as the last passenger steps off the aircraft. However, even with the federal mask mandate in place, its a pleasure to fly. Although I did have one flight, Vegas to Chicago, that made me reconsider being a flight attendant. Then, after a few drinks, I remembered I like not knowing the price of a airplane ticket, and Italy looks great on me. I’ve been flight leader twice, and with all that’s currently going on in life, thats the position thats for me. Until I find my groove being back in the cabin, I think I’ll continue being flight lead.

With being off for so many days, It is taking me a bit of time to reclaim myself with my own little quirks, but I’m taking it trip by trip. Not that I do anyway, I haven’t filled my board with mad trips, so I can slowly find what works for me now. When my body needs to rest, I need to make sure I have the days off to accommodate her.

Tristan J.


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