Crashing Weddings

Legit, the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while, Wedding Crashers. I know I’ve seen it before, or at least I thought I had but I was in tears the whole movie. I’m dying laughing writing this, spoiler, the part where they are all at the dinner table, and the father is like I’ve seen you dancing, and Vince Vaughn hits Owen Wilson with his legs, OMG! For me, that is the funniest part! I probably could watch it repeatedly and still laugh. Its such an oldie but I know y’all have seen it … and if not, well do yourself a favor!

Also, do men really crash weddings to be able to sleep with single women? I put nothing past a man, but lord that just screams desperate.

Tristan J.

PS. Its currently on Hulu and HboMax