Valentine’s Day (review)

Who knew, Valentine’s Day, the movie was good? I just finished watching, and It was throughly enjoyable. Also, It tickled me when Ashton Kutcher’s character was trying to get a ticket, and went to the Southwest Airlines Counter. The movie was a bit chaotic, it reminded me of the movie Crash, where all the characters are connected. Valentine’s Day can really bring out all the emotions, from all characters. I do like we were able to see young love, newly love, love that was ending, friendship love blossoming into more, etc.

I might have to make this a tradition. Next year, Join me, we’ll be watching Valentine’s Day. Its a Date?



Sidenote, How do y’all keep up with all the television shows/series and movies? Nevermind there’s Netflix, Starz, HboMAX, Showtime, Hulu, and every other type of streaming service, I mean, Its hard for me to remember the shows I like watching, let alone, the ones I need to Watch. I’ve been trying to rewatch “Insecure” for the past two months, so I can be emotionally prepared when the final season starts on October 23, but I haven’t even started! (SIGH!) There are so many movies/series I have saved or in my ‘watch list’ but I have no clue when I’ll be able to see them.

Plus I’ve gone back to reading. So now when I do have a bit of down time, I’m indulging in my favorite characters. Technically, I am reading two books at once currently. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do all that’s needed. How do yall do it?

Tristan Jonez.

W. Smith

While searching for the movie of the evening, I came across ‘After Earth’, decided to rewatch the trailer to refresh my memory. And Will Smith has a lovely voice! Its calming, and soothing, even when he saying something that isn’t very pleasant, but I think I could listen to him talk. Are there any actors that you could listen to their voice forever?

Tristan J.

Also, Have you watched the movie ‘After Earth’?


SZN Spooky

So Spooky Season is here! Well I’m late in writing as Spooky Season started October 1st. However lets not focus on the minor details … Ha! Well I’ve been watching scary movies, in the daytime of course, but its been a fun time. Granted I’ve watched movies I’ve seen before but in my defense, I’m easily scared, plus I live alone so there’s that. This year, I don’t have a list, I just scroll through the many many apps I have then I settle on a single or double feature.

Do yall have a tradition when it comes to the holidays? Specifically Halloween? Yes? Then Spill the Beans!


2 Deep

I can’t remember the last time I watched ‘In too Deep’ as an adult, but its a good movie. LL Cool J, plays the hell out of ‘God’, whewwwww such a great job. Omar Epps as J.Reed, definitely tipped toe the line, especially being undercover for years. I cant imagine the psychology rewriting his brain needed. Plus, although ‘God’ was sentenced to plenty of years in jail, how could J.Reed, Officer Cole, still be able to live life, without checking his shoulder for .. forever.

Could yall be an undercover cop? The adrenaline appeals to me, but not a job for me.

Tristan J.


What does your favorite city sound like? Feel like? Every time I think of DC, it reminds me of sitting in a smokey blues lounge listening to jazz. Or when I listen to jazz, it brings me to DC. Always. I know a City can be a vibe, but I’ve only been to DC a handful of times, and it always reminds me of a 1930 jazz scene … in black and white. I haven’t been watching ‘Really Love’ like I was when it first came out but I do listen to the movie’s playlist. (I created the playlist on Spotify) The music cultivated in the movie, accurately depicts all the feels, while accurately portraying Washington DC.

What an incredible journey.

What, if any, Vibes does D.C. give you?


Raising Victor

One of my absolute favorite movies, is ‘Raising Victor Vargas’, which is currently playing on Netflix. I’d call it a coming of age in which we follow the main character Victor Vargas in his pursuit to ‘claim’ Judy, the diamond of the neighborhood, however Judy has her own motives for ‘allowing’ the pursuit. I took a film class in high School, and this was one of the movies we analyzed. From first watch, I loved it! I even spent time in the LES (Lower East Side), and I have to attribute my love for the area to first being introduced by Raising Victor Vargas.

Have yall watched? If not, here is the sign to do so. Also, Been to the LES? Well, maybe we’ll have adventure time there, next time?

Tristan Jonez.


Have yall ever seen the WGN network, show ‘Outsiders’? Well If not, you missed an amazing show, with depth, and layers of everything needed in television. Unfortunately the network, canceled the series after the second season, which of course left us on a cliffhanger. I do think I may, rewatch the series, its being shown on Hulu, I believe. So fingers crossed cuz now I’d like to watch it, especially since the opening song just played on Spotify.

Please Watch it!

Tristan J.


Oh Em Gee! Have yall watched the Netflix limited series, ‘Midnight Mass’ yet? Whewwwwww! I started watching on a long haul flight from Chicago to Seattle, and literally finished in two days. FYI, I am not the type that tends to binge watch shows, I just like knowing the next episode is there IF I want to watch them. However I could NOT stop myself from watching episode after episode, even knowing I needed to get sleep. Episode Seven was Epic for me, left me with my jaw on the floor. I was speechless!

If you have not watched, please do! It was such a good series, the first episode doesn’t give insight into anything really, but somehow it gives you just enough that you want to push forward to episode two. Let me know how much you love it.


War Tomorrow

Even in books, my go-to is usually dystopian theme, its the same with movies. End of the World, kill the aliens, but try to save the World too please. I’ve been meaning to watch The tomorrow War, but Life. Finally sat down with my snack, and watched … I really enjoyed it! Chris Pratt was cool, but I loved the black characters. Have you seen it?

Also sidenote, the character Dorian aka Edwin Hodge, is beautiful. Such a beautiful black man. Fun Fact, His birthday is three days after mine.

Tristan Jonez.


Lately, my musical taste have been very singular, to the point I am listening to the same song on repeat. I don’t normally make a habit of listening to gospel music, so I have no clue how I stumbled up this song/artist. However I be blasting ‘Church’, by Peter Cottontail.

What are you listening to?

Tristan Jonez.

In the Hghts.

If y’all don’t know .. and yall should, but I’m from New York, grew up In the heights. Washington Heights. Specifically I grew up in Dyckman Projects. So I remember when ‘in the heights’ was on Broadway, but No I didn’t see it. However I listen to the original soundtrack all the time. So yall know the movie came out recently, No I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack, and Nah, I can’t get with it. I promise I’ve been trying to love it but its a hard pass for me. Out of the new soundtrack, I only like two songs, The Club, and Blackout, but I still love the original songs for those two songs.

I love ‘Benny ‘s Dispatch but the original with Christopher Jackson and Many Gonzalez. When I listen to the movie version with Corey Hawkins, when he says “Big papi in town for the weekend’ WHO THE FUCK IS THAT? I cant!

Have yall listened to the either soundtracks?

Tristan Jonez.