Concrete Cowboy

In a book to film adaption, I have found myself wanting to watch it again, but to read the book to see where the holes I have can be filled. “Ghetto Cowboy” by Gregory Neri, ‘A street smart tale about a displaced teen who learns to defend what’s right-the cowboy way’. Featuring Idris Elba, and Caleb Mclaughlin, as a son estranged from his father, but it sent to live with him, after his mother has reached her limit. You can feel her frustration with the current affairs of not only her son, but that isn’t able to reach him in a way, that encourages him to change his behavior.

Not going to spoil it anymore than I have, but for me, even though when absolutely needed, the father was there, it was ONLY when he was absolutely needed.

It saddens me, but tough love is nothing without soft love as well. You can’t believe a person is going to be balanced, when only receiving tough love. Nothing is ever good enough love, nah. Tough love is successfully ONLY when paired with soft love, the cycle can never be broken by doing what was done to you.

Tristan Jonez.


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