On a Hill

Why you didn’t tell me ‘City on a Hill’ was back? Not just back but two episodes in? I blame myself because I wasn’t keeping up with if it had even been renewed for season two. But in my defense COVID happened and everything got pushed to a corner of my mind. So I need to get Showtime back, because I need to watch each episode as it is released.

Sidenote, Why am I so obsessed with Boston television? Actors?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching ‘City on a Hill’ its pretty much Boston in the early 90’s, where violence and corruption lived in bed together at City Hall. The New DA, a black man, Decourcy Ward played by Aldis Hodge, forms an unconventional bond with Jackie Rohr, played by Kevin Bacon, who is intent on keeping Boston exactly the way it is. I initially watched because of K.Bacon, but he’s a POS! However he plays his character brilliantly, you’ll feel all the feels.

Let me know how you enjoy it? I think I’ll watch from the beginning.



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