Ank LETs

So … Anklets? How do we feel about them? Cuz I think I am in Love. There is something about taking off my socks, stepping out of the shower, trying on shoes, but looking down and seeing anklets on my anklet. Such a sexy accessory! Shit! I remember when folks were over the moon about toe rings, but nah, yall can keep those. There is NOTHING sexier than an anklet. Its the right mix of showing skin, matter fact its an understated sexy piece. Oh Lawd! I need all parts. I don’t think I can further live my life without an anklet. Last week, I brought a few, and now I think I am walking with a stride, extending those legs!

Story time, I was in Nordstrom Rack looking for sensible shoes for work, didn’t find any, but two pairs of Jessica Simpson brand shoes caught my attention. (Sidenote, She makes a great shoe!) While trying to first on, I received two compliments about my anklets, so Ladies, Folks DEF notice the small deets. Luckily for you, I snapped a flick. Enjoy!

Tristan Jonez.


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  1. Absolutely love anklets!!! Like royal jewelry makes you feel divine. My mom, sister and myself randomly gift one another in anklet jewelry. It’s the most precious thing to me. Lol when they fall off or we lose them it’s like a memory washed away but we don’t cry too long, eventually it will be replaced with a more meaningful piece.


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