Ank LETs

So … Anklets? How do we feel about them? Cuz I think I am in Love. There is something about taking off my socks, stepping out of the shower, trying on shoes, but looking down and seeing anklets on my anklet. Such a sexy accessory! Shit! I remember when folks were over the moon about toe rings, but nah, yall can keep those. There is NOTHING sexier than an anklet. Its the right mix of showing skin, matter fact its an understated sexy piece. Oh Lawd! I need all parts. I don’t think I can further live my life without an anklet. Last week, I brought a few, and now I think I am walking with a stride, extending those legs!

Story time, I was in Nordstrom Rack looking for sensible shoes for work, didn’t find any, but two pairs of Jessica Simpson brand shoes caught my attention. (Sidenote, She makes a great shoe!) While trying to first on, I received two compliments about my anklets, so Ladies, Folks DEF notice the small deets. Luckily for you, I snapped a flick. Enjoy!

Tristan Jonez.

One Night Only (Atl)

Surprisingly I’ve only been to Atlanta once. A city that’s such a historic epicenter, I can’t understand why I haven’t been interested in going before.

One Night Only Consists of three parts, The Arts, Food and Culture. Right now, let’s explore The Arts. SCAD, The Savannah College of Arts and Design, has SCAD FASH, museum of fashion and Film, which initially wasn’t on my radar, but I was lead to explore. Quick Story, the museum’s entry is ‘car friendly’, it’s easily accessible thru the parking garage but you know I’m walking. So I ended up walking pass the parking garage, then walking back and thru the garage, but it’s only key accessible on the ground flr. So I had to walk to the first floor to get to the elevator, to gain access to the fourth floor! Extensive but, the exhibit was worth every bead of sweat acquired.

The space houses two exhibits at the same time usually but a new exhibit was being installed which opens later this month on the 22nd. An intimate space, which allows personal attention from the curator, was a nice change from the major museums we usually experience. The exhibit, Form & Function: Shoe Art by Chris Frances, an iconic Los Angeles based artist, who explores the blurred lines of art, fashion and functionality. The exhibit continues through December 8th.