I woke up today, thinking about how short life is, but not in a morbid way. In a factual way. Basically I woke up to reality! To knowing that our time on this Earth is limited, and we should, no we MUST do all the things. Speaking for myself, its so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine. I want to make the days count, I want to look back on my life, knowing that I enjoyed it as much as I could. I want to travel, I want to create memories with folks, I want people to think of me and have warm & fuzzy feelings.

I’m not fooling myself into thinking everyday will be an adventure but I want my everyday to count. For whatever reason, I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn, the birds have be singing to me lately, and I have to appreciate those moments. So I’ve said all that to say, Please Enjoy The Moments!

Tristan Jonez.


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