Its a question I don’t think there’s an actual answer for but, at what point do little black boys no longer get to be carefree?

Today while waiting on the platform for the el, in Chicago, there was a group of white boys, walking with their skateboards, looking as If they didn’t have a care in the World. Just friends meeting up to go skate in the park, and have a good time. Although I didn’t see it, I KNOW when they got to the top of the stairway, the two cops paid them no attention, probably even told them to be careful while riding their skateboards. I also KNOW that if it had been black boys with their skateboards, walking so carefree thru the station, things might’ve looked different. The cops may not have said anything BUT, the black boys would adhere to a certain stature, a certain walk, that mindfulness, that we seem to all have, when reminded of our skin color.

Last Summer I captured the epitome of #Blackboyjoy And #Blackboycarefree. Its such a ‘fuck you’ to society to capture its essence. I love that for us!

Tristan Jonez.


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