Made in Lagos

So … I’m listening to WizKid’s Made in Lagos on Recommendation from a Hinge Profile. Homie said its the best album of 2020, so I figured I’d take a listen. Well Idk If I’d call it the BEST Album but its damn good! Especially the Songs Roma, and Smile. Can I just say, I LOVE when British Rappers rap, so yup Skepta, is one of my favorites, actually the song Longtime is a favorite too. Made in Lagos is a chill album, Whether in the morning with a cup of tea, or at night, with a glass of wine, getting ready to go out, this album is all about feel good music. I could imagine how it would hit, hopefully in 2021/2022, we’ll be able to experience it! Have you guys heard this album?

Tristan J.

Also, Sweet One is such a great song. Just close your eyes and vibe out!

Burna Boy

Not a Real Post BUT Burna Boy should be an artist you are jamming to EVERYDAY! Every single album, there are bops, on top of bops. Currently I am listening to L.I.F.E. Leaving an impact for Eternity, phenomenal album. PHENOMENAL! I could fully whine, and get lost in the intro! The damn intro, but you can’t help but feel it. I’ll ride for Burna Boy until the end of time. My favorite tracks off this album, Intro: My Life, Smooth Sailing, but Tonight is my turn up song! Take a Listen, then tell me how much you love the album.