Made in Lagos

So … I’m listening to WizKid’s Made in Lagos on Recommendation from a Hinge Profile. Homie said its the best album of 2020, so I figured I’d take a listen. Well Idk If I’d call it the BEST Album but its damn good! Especially the Songs Roma, and Smile. Can I just say, I LOVE when British Rappers rap, so yup Skepta, is one of my favorites, actually the song Longtime is a favorite too. Made in Lagos is a chill album, Whether in the morning with a cup of tea, or at night, with a glass of wine, getting ready to go out, this album is all about feel good music. I could imagine how it would hit, hopefully in 2021/2022, we’ll be able to experience it! Have you guys heard this album?

Tristan J.

Also, Sweet One is such a great song. Just close your eyes and vibe out!


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