Ebony G Patterson

Since I caught the Nick Cave exhibit in Nashville, I’ve been slightly obsessed with him but more importantly, artist that bring to light racial injustices and social culture using sequins. Introducing Ebony G Patterson, her style, to me, was so similar to Nick Cave, I almost confused her work for his. As a Jamaican born […]


Nick Cave.

I had the pleasure of introducing myself to Artist Nick Cave newest exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville, and I’m still blown away. Feat., is his answer and rallying call to being a black man in America. Instead of being seen as hiding, I took his creation, his suits as a shield against racial […]



Raleigh Ritchie is Life to me. Every. Single. Album. Is an amazing body of work!! No matter what you are currently going through, he will make you feel like you are the most important jewel he’s come across. Timeless music is what’s created when he blesses the mic. It’s like my heart recognizes him, his […]