Dear Breonna Taylor,

Today was not a victory!

Did I expect the cops who murdered you to be charged to the fullest extent of the law? No. However I did hope that the Attorney General Daniel “Uncle Tom” Cameron would at least, do the very minimum but he barely did that. We’re tired B. Protests, no matter how civil, riots, no matter how destructive, nothing seems to get through. I am not sure, even if we were to start fighting back in the same manner in which we are killed, would that bring peace … but we both know it wouldn’t. Today, after I heard the news, I asked my friends, where could I live in which my beautiful brown skin would not be seen as a threat? The only response, “Not on Planet Earth”, and I am inclined to agree.

I am angry for the life you had to live but will never get the opportunity. All the plans you might’ve made, all the things you looked forward to, and now, your light has been extinguished. Whats worst, the justice system isn’t even trying to right this wrong. Who takes the accountability? Who falls on his sword? Apparently Uncle Tom doesn’t believe ANYONE is responsible. How much is a black life worth? Obviously not much. Breonna Taylor you are loved sis, you’ll forever live in the hearts of those who loved & knew you. But you’ll always remain in the hearts of those who didn’t. Justice Failed You B.

Tristan Jonez.

Louisville SeafoodLady


For the longest time I was wanting to visit Louisville so I would be able to visit the Seafood lady. I just so happened to catch an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with host Guy Fieri, and he was eating what looked like the best lobster and waffle I had ever seen. For what seems like a year, I had pinned the Seafood Lady’s website to my browser so whenever I had the opportunity to visit Louisville she would be my first stop.


I recently was able to fly to Louisville, and although she wasn’t my first stop, I do feel extremely disappointed! I ordered the fried lobster, with creole (steamed) shrimp, potato, and seafood Mac & Cheese. The lobster was fried really well, golden brown to perfection and seasoned well enough. I could’ve definitely saved myself the trouble of the seafood Mac and cheese, especially since there was only two shrimp atop of the Mac and Cheese. Honestly I believed seafood Mac and Cheese would include shrimp and/or crab being baked into the mixture. I am a true lover of Old Bay seasoning, I enjoy sprinkling it on everything! However the old bay was on a billion! Super super heavy, leaving the creole shrimp and the Mac and cheese tasting only as if old bay was the only seasoning in the back of house that was used.


If you get the chance to visit The Seafood Lady, please let me know how your visit goes, and what on the menu you order.

Tristan Jonez.

SideNote: Although I wasn’t exactly happy with my meal, I think I am willing to try something else the next time I am in Louisville.

Ebony G Patterson

Since I caught the Nick Cave exhibit in Nashville, I’ve been slightly obsessed with him but more importantly, artist that bring to light racial injustices and social culture using sequins. Introducing Ebony G Patterson, her style, to me, was so similar to Nick Cave, I almost confused her work for his. As a Jamaican born artist, her work “explores the constructions of the masculine within popular culture, using dance hall culture as a platform for this discourse.” Although I’ve been to countless dancehall parties in the Bronx and Brooklyn, it’s really easy to understand the comparison between the sometimes flamboyant lifestyle of gay male and a heterosexual Jamaican man.

IF you knew nothing of the story of the artist, what message she was trying to convey, honestly what would you think the story of the art piece would be? For me, it’s very easy to see what it could possibly represent. If you look closely at the shoes/sneakers that are bedazzled, couldn’t it be mistaken for drag apparel? Could you identify the subects sexual orientation, and if you say yes, how? I’ve very interested in your answer.

Tristan J.