Back Home.

Why are we always so quick to be there for those who have hurt us but don’t make the same exceptions for those who have always been there? I don’t know the answer but I intend to change that immediately.

This evening my older cousin called to let me know she had experienced a heart attack. A Fckin Heart Attack! Although I was elated to know she was alright, it made me realize I’m not there as much as I should be for the family that has shown me they love me to the moon and back. For those readers who don’t know I am from Baltimore, Md. I spent my adolescent there but when I left in 2004, I haven’t really come back as often as I would like to. I always find a convenient excuse to tell my family/friends. When my mother first died it was extremely hard to go back to Baltimore because EVERYTHING reminded me of my mother. However with this realization, that my family isn’t going to be around forever, makes me want to spend as much time with them as I can.


SideNote: Don’t wait until folks have died to bring them flowers, Let them smell them while they are Alive!