Here we Go Again

I wouldn’t be me If I didn’t have some type of happening happening in my life. So, I think yall have been update with most of the back and forth between my father and I. This week, it hit the tipping point, and I’ve made the decision to end communication with him. I am not of the age, where I am going to keep being disrespected, especially when I am not engaging in any behavior. I think at this point, he’s being mentally abusive with my emotions, and the highs and lows are just too much. One minute he doesn’t like me and wants nothing to do with me, then the next moment, literally the next day, I am his daughter who he loves more than anything.

We have an exchange of text messages, and I made the decision to block him from contacting me again. If you cant love me, as needed, then I am not going to allow you to freely hurt me.

Tristan J.

Family Matters

Everyone isn’t fortunate to have a family that cares, that makes an effort to be there. Fortunately, my family has been there for me religiously especially in this year of great change for me. I believe my family has really connected with one another, and it’s the great feeling of being surrounded by love. We recently connected for my nephews graduation, ( Here we come first grade) but the night before was mask day. Cuz the family who masks together stays together.

FYI, we’re a family of skincare.