“You cant force anyone into being anything other than themselves.”

Today, Well yesterday, I had a conversation with my sibling, and later on, playing back the conversation, I realized I cant make anyone do anything! Not that I thought I could. But you know how you believe that if you do more of what you want in return, that they would get it, and be what’s wanted, will be returned? We KNOW it doesn’t work that way, I know it doesn’t but I was selfish in that regard. A person will only do what they want, AND if they aren’t doing that thing … then they don’t want to.

Thats why finding your tribe is such an important act of love. Finding likeminded people, who genuinely show love, or are genuinely interested in what the things you are, makes living your best life so worth it! Its like finding the most supportive bestie, who only wants to see you succeed. Who only wants to pour into you, as you pour into them. If you have a tribe, consider yourself blessed! If you are still searching for your tribe, keep looking babe, they are out there!

Happy Hunting!

Tristan Jonez