Sex And the city

I don’t know if Sex and the City, television series, is supposed to be binged but besides the occasional one liner, these four women are annoying af. Well, Samantha Jones doesn’t really annoy me, but Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda, OMG, HELP ME! I just started season four, and I am not sure I’m going to be able to get through the rest of the series. Yes, this is my first time watching all the episodes, so maybe they are meant to be watched WHILE you live your daily life, and since I’m still in quarantine, I just watch them all willy nilly. Only Samantha knows exactly who she is, and lives in her purpose, and KNOWS WHO SHE IS. The rest of the ladies, put on airs, for whomever they might be dating, which never works out cuz at some point they have to be themselves.

I know, I know, I might get kicked out of womanhood for being truly annoyed by these women but I am sorry. I think I’ve learned my lesson to stretch out the time in between each episode cuz WTF! But the fashion is on point, so there’s that.

Tristan Jonez.

Insecure: Making the Cut


First Kudos to Lawrence for not pursuing anything with Bank Chick. I was beaming like a proud mother when he politely turned her down. I do believe that he lead her on a bit, yes he mentioned having a girlfriend in the last episode but I got the feeling that given the right day and circumstances he would’ve bent the rules with Tasha (Bank Chick). It just so happens that him and Issa are on a high right now, or so he thinks.

I’m not all the way convinced that Lawrence and Issa should still be trying to maintain a relationship. Birthdays are HUGH to me. Miss mine and we are done. Period. There’s no coming back from that, and I still haven’t seen Lawrence try to make up for that one. Plus where are they headed, five years, and no mention of anything more than what they currently have? I’m all about being secure in your decision to marry, and doing it when it feels right but when will that be?

Molly and Jared, Jared and Molly. That’s a match that makes perfect sense but since Jared has no degree he’s been downgraded to ‘friend’. Molly is a damn fool! Understand DAMN FOOL. I get wanting to be with someone who you think it on the same level with you academically but will you let that be the deciding factor for a relationship? I know the feeling of wanting to be with someone, anyone, so you just rush into it, but Molly needs to slow all the way down. I didn’t think getting drunk and going to Jared’s house was the smarter plan either but shit happens. The great thing about this is Molly can recover from it WITH Jared if she uses the honesty card. “Tomorrow” when she wakes, she needs to put her big girl panties on, and really think about what’s important when seeking that life partner. Jared has my vote!

Issa! I’m so disappointed. The whole episode I was rooting for you. I knew you was playing with fire communicating with Daniel but I know you like to play with temptation. You like getting as close to the fire as you can without getting burned but tonight you threw caution to the wind. Have you completely lost your damn mind? I can’t even say it was a moment of weakness because you knew better. What happened between when Daniel told you he did not want a relationship and now? Issa, Daniel will never be in a relationship with you, and you damn sure shouldn’t want to be with him. Not that he has to like it, but he should respect that you have a man, or had a man. I KNOW you are going to tell Lawrence, I just don’t see you keeping something like from him, your conscience will eat your ass up.

Once you’re single, I’m not exactly sure what the plan will be. Do you? I just hope you know what the hell you’re doing.