Dear Diary …

After ripping yet another hole in my work pants, I’ve finally decided to work out! I can’t take sitting in the jumpseat of the aircraft and sewing my pants back together! Super Over it! I spent five minutes shy of an hour in the gym and took little breaks. I know I’ll feel it in the morning but I welcome the soreness. I’m feeling like Rev. Run as this ‘dead diary’ is being written while in the tub.

Tonight’s bath salts are brought to you by soaptopia In the uplifting scent blend Relief Fund.

I’ve also decided in addition to weening out red meat, I’m also going to give up bread, pray for me, and sugar. The only sugar I’ll consume will be from fruits, but nothing extra. No sodas, including ginger ale. I’m feeling good about the choices I’m planning on making!

Thanks for listening Diary.


Sweet Green

I’ll be quick, cuz how much can one person truly write about salad?

No, that wasn’t a challenge! Sweetgreen has some of the best combination of salad, I’m especially fond of The Mexican elote, minus the tomatoes, and tortilla! Actually I add spicy broccoli, mozzarella and Chicken. Sweet Green can be hella expensive for a salad but its oh so good! So when I’ve had an especially rough day or an extremely good day, I treat myself with a salad. I know, corny but shit, when the Salad is over 15$ thats not something I’ll be eating on the regular.

Have you tried sweet green? If so, whats your go to blend?

Tristan Jonez

The Sweet Spot 

I’m always in need of a sweet snack, as I get older I try (Keyword) to look towards something on the healthier side. Gelato is usually my go to treat, especially when I’m traveling out of the country. While in Spain, during one of the hottest summers, gelato, was definitely the move. 

Giolatto was within walking distance from my hotel, so the second I passed I knew I would be having a solo date there. Sure enough after a day of sun, fun and shopping, I made my way into the shoppe. There was such a selection of fresh gelato to choose from, I settled with Raspberry and Creme of Pistachio and I wasn’t disappointed! It was Delicious! 

When you’re traveling what is one sweet snack that’s a must?