In the Hghts.

If y’all don’t know .. and yall should, but I’m from New York, grew up In the heights. Washington Heights. Specifically I grew up in Dyckman Projects. So I remember when ‘in the heights’ was on Broadway, but No I didn’t see it. However I listen to the original soundtrack all the time. So yall know the movie came out recently, No I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack, and Nah, I can’t get with it. I promise I’ve been trying to love it but its a hard pass for me. Out of the new soundtrack, I only like two songs, The Club, and Blackout, but I still love the original songs for those two songs.

I love ‘Benny ‘s Dispatch but the original with Christopher Jackson and Many Gonzalez. When I listen to the movie version with Corey Hawkins, when he says “Big papi in town for the weekend’ WHO THE FUCK IS THAT? I cant!

Have yall listened to the either soundtracks?

Tristan Jonez.

in the hgths

Ugh I know I need to see the movie version of ‘In the heights’ and I will … soon but let me tell you. I just listened to my favorite two songs on the soundtrack, and I have to say, the original wins. IF this was a competition, there’s just something about the original that gives me all the feels. I really WISH I had seen the original when it was on Broadway.