in the hgths

Ugh I know I need to see the movie version of ‘In the heights’ and I will … soon but let me tell you. I just listened to my favorite two songs on the soundtrack, and I have to say, the original wins. IF this was a competition, there’s just something about the original that gives me all the feels. I really WISH I had seen the original when it was on Broadway.



Photo Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine

So y’all already I LOVE Musicals! Oh em gee! The music paired with movements, and dance and visual storytelling. Just pinch me! If I could sing well, I would do all I could to perform in them ALL! I’ll be the first to admit, I was sleeping on Hamilton, the musical. I had heard a bit of the reviews, but no one clued me in on the music! OH EM GEE! Since its television debut, I’ve listened to at least one or twelve songs, everyday. The last time I played a musical to this length was “Rent”. My niece hates that movie because of me, which is such an unfortunate tragedy. However I still listen to “Rent”. Fun Fact; Alphabet City is one of my favorite neighborhoods to take a lazy stroll in the summer.

Although we are still dealing with ‘Rona Virus, I am hopeful I’ll have the opportunity to see Hamilton, the musical live on Broadway. If I had a choice of being in “Rent” or “Hamilton” I think I would chose RENT!

Tristan Jonez.

Photo Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Mag.