Just like the Videos

Sometimes I wonder if real life ever simulates the music videos I love. I am an R&B Chick through and through, so of course I’m listening to Joe. One of my favorite songs/video of his “If I was your man” So in the video he screws up his relationship with his woman, she leaves, finds a new man. Her new man, to me, looks like an upgrade from Joe, takes care of her, treats her well, but the love doesn’t run as deep as it did with Joe. Anyway by the end of the video, Joe finally realizes that “his” girl is about to be gone forever, so it makes a final plea for her love, but in a surprise of events, the girl chooses to walk away from Joe.

Clap. clap. Clap.

Yes Girl! You didn’t appreciate me while I was yours but now that I am happy with the new man you want to come back? Too damn late. If more people stayed away when they walked away, folks would value love a lot more than they currently do.