Do You BooBoo

Do whatever the fukk you want!

This year, I have mostly done what everyone else wants me to do. Not don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my own thing here and there but for the most part, I’ve shown up when I would have rather had been anywhere else! This is especially true for family, when my presence is requested, I show up, even when I don’t want to be there. Since my mother passed away, I don’t care much about holidays. Now I can participate but I don’t want to; I’d rather travel the globe. My family pretends to understand, but if they did they would respect my decision to be wherever I am. Instead, they make me feel bad about my decision, guilt trip me into coming to the family function. So as a end of the year treat, I will be present for all family events, provided I am off work. Because I know my 2018, is starting off with a bang, I will oblige them and be there. I will be happy in all family photos. As much as I complain about this, I know I’ll look back and be happy that I did it.

Im going to sacrifice doing whatever it is I want to do for my fam bam, but 2018, Is all about me!