W. Smith

While searching for the movie of the evening, I came across ‘After Earth’, decided to rewatch the trailer to refresh my memory. And Will Smith has a lovely voice! Its calming, and soothing, even when he saying something that isn’t very pleasant, but I think I could listen to him talk. Are there any actors that you could listen to their voice forever?

Tristan J.

Also, Have you watched the movie ‘After Earth’?


Shower Thoughts

This weekend I watched Boomerang with Eddie Murphy, and I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen it in full. Over the years, I’ve seen bits and pieces but to sit down and focus? Nah. For all of us, there are movies we’ve seen that have shaped our mindsets, wether right or wrong. ‘Pretty Woman’ was that movie, that I’m sure I had no business watching, but it shaped certain opinions I have about love/sex. Boomerang was that movie for my best friend Jeff, he STILL has his strong opinions about a woman’s feet.

If you’ve never seen the movie, First, GO AND WATCH!! Secondly, here’s my shower thought. Unfortunately it took for Marcus, hurting Angela’s feelings BEFORE she bossed up, quit her former position and took an opportunity being a Boss with another company. However in the notion of Bossing up, she changed the things which made her unique, that first shot when we are being reintroduced to Angela, she could almost be mistaken for Jacquline. Who’s Jacquline? She’s the woman who role reversed it on Marcus, and caused him to truly reevaluate his behavior, but not before letting it be known what her boundaries and intentions were. Jacquline had to repeatedly verbalize to Marcus how far she was willing to go, how much she was willing to share with him, and yet, every time he could he would challenge those boundaries. (Eye Roll)