Sidenote, How do y’all keep up with all the television shows/series and movies? Nevermind there’s Netflix, Starz, HboMAX, Showtime, Hulu, and every other type of streaming service, I mean, Its hard for me to remember the shows I like watching, let alone, the ones I need to Watch. I’ve been trying to rewatch “Insecure” for the past two months, so I can be emotionally prepared when the final season starts on October 23, but I haven’t even started! (SIGH!) There are so many movies/series I have saved or in my ‘watch list’ but I have no clue when I’ll be able to see them.

Plus I’ve gone back to reading. So now when I do have a bit of down time, I’m indulging in my favorite characters. Technically, I am reading two books at once currently. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do all that’s needed. How do yall do it?

Tristan Jonez.


Oh Em Gee! Have yall watched the Netflix limited series, ‘Midnight Mass’ yet? Whewwwwww! I started watching on a long haul flight from Chicago to Seattle, and literally finished in two days. FYI, I am not the type that tends to binge watch shows, I just like knowing the next episode is there IF I want to watch them. However I could NOT stop myself from watching episode after episode, even knowing I needed to get sleep. Episode Seven was Epic for me, left me with my jaw on the floor. I was speechless!

If you have not watched, please do! It was such a good series, the first episode doesn’t give insight into anything really, but somehow it gives you just enough that you want to push forward to episode two. Let me know how much you love it.


“Really Love”

Y’all know I HATE crying when watching television but here I am, wiping my tears. “Really Love” Still has me in my feelings, also it could be the white wine I had, but lets focus. Such a good movie! Very reminiscent of ‘Love Jones’ only in the sense that it romanticize DC. I love Black Folks, I love Blk Love, I love Love. Sidenote, Now I’m listening to Ari Lennox. Okay Okay back to the movie, must see. What annoyed me about the main characters, NO COMMUNICATION! Thats always the problem. Folks refuse to communicate with how they REALLY feel. Let it hurt my feelings, but at least I know exactly how you are feeling.

However go watch, then report back. Did you love it? Also, What do you think she decided to do?

Tristan Jonez.

Of the Dead

So I watched Army of the Dead on Netflix, it wasn’t your traditional ‘zombie’ movie but its a bit boring. There are some ‘jumpable’ moments but I was bored. I didn’t turn it off, as I was committed to finishing the movie. I was surprised by the character(s) who made it to the end, but I wasn’t. Its a decent movie, if you want to see gore, and folks killing zombies, but eh. However I think maybe its a comedy? I definitely laughed more than I was scared. There’s one character that you’ll laugh until you cry tears.

Tristan Jonez.

If you do watch it, Let me know what you thought.


Love, Death & Robots.

Have yall watch this? Well please do. I started with Season two, unintentionally. However once I turned it on, it was hard to turn it off. I’ve watch a handful of Black Mirror episodes, but it reminds me of that, but animated. Each episode, between 6-13 minutes, have a different theme, but all within one of the main themes of Love, Death & Robots. I’m planning on watching season one, the beginning of next week, so there’s still time for you to jump on and watch so we can discuss.

Until then,

Tristan J.

Bridgerton E1-5

It’s only fitting that my first post for 2021 be all about the Netflix Series Bridgerton. The scandal, the Romance, the miscommunication, the non communication! I had so much frustration watching this series, all I wanted to do was scream at EVERY character to simply talk to one another. I refuse to spoil anything but whew, however I was so giddy with E5, that I might’ve cried a bit.

To have society deem and decide what is to be of you … of yourself, your life. How a decision, or the appearance of such could mark you, what fucking pressures! AND To be a man, what a privilege.

Also, it’s based on books. I know, we’re in heaven baby.

Tristan Jonez.


I have accepted my writing fate at this time, because all I want to do is watch ‘television’ and write up my opinion, and then beg y’all to watch (indulge) with me. I KNOW sitting in front of a screen, and watching hours of television isn’t the smartest choice, but we’re ALL making poor decisions. Judge Yourself! (laughing)

Also, I’m single, so you would think I would stay from romantic comedies, and dramas, but Nope! That’s all I can watch. I’m actually getting the feels from being so wrapped up in the characters! I blame the holidays, who knows what my excuse will be after they’re over.

Let’s just Enjoy Now!


Whats On?

So Many Thoughts!

Well I’ve been busy doing nothing but watching a whole lotta television. Do we consider it watching tv even if you’re streaming from your laptop? Well, whatever, Let’s pretend.

I think last week I started HBOmax The Flight Attendant, In my defense I did read the book and it was a great read. My memory isn’t working at this second but I think I read it as a flight attendant, so yes, the book was better BUT the television series did not disappoint. Many characters were added, and roles were changed, but I will recommend. It is a show to watch. So Go and Watch!

I also finished House of Ho, which is also on HBOmax. Just picture it, an refugee family, who came to America with nothing, but with hard work, and possibly a few shady deals, rose to the top, and is now an extremely wealthy asian family. “What glitters isn’t always gold”, I think we’ll revisit this, AFTER you’ve had time to actually watch.

Tonight, I started watching Pine Gap, which is streamed on Netflix. Close your eyes, and picture this, someone is trying to sabotage America, from the inside of an intelligence agency, when tension is already high. Also, I think I gave the show a chance, partly due to actor Parker Sawyers. We (I) met him in Southside with you, but I fell for him in P-Valley, and I like the energy he brings to a roll.

What are yall watching? … Besides the shows I’ve recommended.

Tristan J

Cobra Kai

I was NOT going to watch Cobra Kai, I promise. I really had no intention of watching the series at all! Just like you I saw the movies, but that was so long ago, I didn’t care to revisit the 80’s in a television series but low and behold .. here we are. After my best friend was gushing about how funny the show was, I decided to give it a try. Plus I had just finished season one of Designated Survivor. (Sidenote; Don’t worry, I don’t think we are going to have any discussions about Designated Survivor, however good show. Go Watch)

After two seasons of Cobra Kai, I do not like Larusso at all. He can go. Also his daughter, she can follow suit and go with him. I’m already irritated with writing about him, because he is NOT a good guy at all! Like they say, the road to hell is paved with good intention, so I hope that’s exactly where is walking to. Now Johnny isn’t a bad guy per se, but he isn’t exactly good, he just honest care either way. BUT he never sets out to hurt anyone purposely, his anger, rightfully so, just gets in the way.

Season three is coming in January, and I am not sure I am going to watch. I got thru the trailer but eh. The fact that I’ll have to see Larusso’s face, just puts me off of the whole damn show. If you’ve seen the series, you should understand my feels, cuz he’s trash.

Tristan J.

“Strike Hard. Strike Fast. No Mercy” -Cobra Kai Dojo.

Shower Thoughts

This weekend I watched Boomerang with Eddie Murphy, and I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen it in full. Over the years, I’ve seen bits and pieces but to sit down and focus? Nah. For all of us, there are movies we’ve seen that have shaped our mindsets, wether right or wrong. ‘Pretty Woman’ was that movie, that I’m sure I had no business watching, but it shaped certain opinions I have about love/sex. Boomerang was that movie for my best friend Jeff, he STILL has his strong opinions about a woman’s feet.

If you’ve never seen the movie, First, GO AND WATCH!! Secondly, here’s my shower thought. Unfortunately it took for Marcus, hurting Angela’s feelings BEFORE she bossed up, quit her former position and took an opportunity being a Boss with another company. However in the notion of Bossing up, she changed the things which made her unique, that first shot when we are being reintroduced to Angela, she could almost be mistaken for Jacquline. Who’s Jacquline? She’s the woman who role reversed it on Marcus, and caused him to truly reevaluate his behavior, but not before letting it be known what her boundaries and intentions were. Jacquline had to repeatedly verbalize to Marcus how far she was willing to go, how much she was willing to share with him, and yet, every time he could he would challenge those boundaries. (Eye Roll)


12 Days.

Shout out to myself for putting together this 12 days of holiday movies, at first I was calling it the First annual, but that would imply I would be doing this again. As much fun as I had, I think once was enough. I’m so excited that you guys joined me during the posting of the list, to tell me which movies where your favorite and those must see movies. I found myself looking forward to sharing my top movies, recording my video for the day and I anticipated you guys feedback.

Just in case you missed any of the movies, here a full list in order.

1. The Best Man Holiday
2. Last Holiday
3. The Preacher’s Wife
4. Elf
5. Home Alone
6. Almost Christmas (This/That) This Christmas
7. Get Santa
8. Die Hard
9. A Christmas Prince
10. (Double Header) The Nightmare Before Christmas/Bad Santa
11.The Holiday
12. How the Grinch stole Christmas


Tristan Jonez