Back Home (Issa Review)

I keep telling myself I am not a Rap fan, that I am strictly an R&B girl but I find myself tuning into Rap Music far more than R&B nowadays. Well with that said, let the review begin.

A catchy hook will always draw me in but Im always praying that the song, whether its the beat or the lyrics will keep me there. For artist, Pretty Boy Lou, he along with his production team, has managed to create music thats a elegant blend of rap and hip hop. On song Seven Figures, his voice comes across raw, as if he is a hungry ass artist, looking for his shine and this is his last chance. The song features Dru Gunnz whose own voice, is deeper but lighter, which affectionately reminds me of a unique Nas/MethodMan blend.

On Back Home, Pretty Boy Lou features his mom, which is a sweet gesture, that anyone can appreciate. And although I do appreciate the gesture, I do believe that this could’ve been his opportunity to possibly collaborate with a bevy of unknown artists that may have rounded out the album better. The album is a refreshing sound, with not only amazing vocals, provided by Pretty Boy Lou, but the music itself is a breath of fresh air. I am excited to see where Pretty Boy Lou will take his music, however I do see longevity.

Be Sure to Pick up his music, as its available Everywhere.

My Top Three Songs, Only One, Sunshine, Seven Figures with an honorable mention, Through the Pain.

Tristan Jonez

Tremaine (The Album)

Its been a full week since the release of Trey Songz self titled album “Tremaine”, and for starters it is appropriately named. In my opinion, this is Trey’s most intimate work, it not only shows his maturity as an adult, but it shows his vulnerability as a man. Although cliche, I could see this album being named Trey Songz V. Tremaine, but he embodies both part of himself, equally. So he is not battling himself, he has accepted that he wants to settle down (Nobody Else but You) but at his core he is still a (Playboy). Trey shows he is still ‘Mr.Steal your girl on (The Sheets…Still) but its as if he’s telling us he is trying to be for only one girl. Imagine you have the opportunity to not only express your feelings but you are able to act on those feelings, the only catch is, you have until the (Song goes off)

Trey Songz takes point on (Animal) as he describes how ‘wild’ his lady gets in bed. In this song he is matching his movements to her. In my mind, the video would be visually pleasing, with them being in the jungle, a camera in hand, but it wouldn’t be cheesy.

My favorite song has to be (1×1) the beat flows perfectly with the lyrics, I don’t want to call it classic club song, but it definitely should be in club banger rotation. Imagine being at a function, and you make eye contact with a stranger from across the floor, however he doesn’t approach immediately, so you start preforming for him. And while he is watching you, in his mind he is dreaming about coming over at 3am.

(Picture Perfect) Is a song from Tremaine to us. He’s asking us to examine if its really as it seems. Are we really happy, does that man your with truly make you happy. Because if it isn’t there is someone out here that’s willing to put in work for you time, ‘cuz your worth it.

Tremaine is definitely an album you should pick up, yes it is a bit different from his past work but he has matured not only in age, but musically.

Tristan Jonez