Of the Dead

So I watched Army of the Dead on Netflix, it wasn’t your traditional ‘zombie’ movie but its a bit boring. There are some ‘jumpable’ moments but I was bored. I didn’t turn it off, as I was committed to finishing the movie. I was surprised by the character(s) who made it to the end, but I wasn’t. Its a decent movie, if you want to see gore, and folks killing zombies, but eh. However I think maybe its a comedy? I definitely laughed more than I was scared. There’s one character that you’ll laugh until you cry tears.

Tristan Jonez.

If you do watch it, Let me know what you thought.

Corked (Obser)

It’s my second time watching ‘Uncorked’ … Sigh. I need Black fathers & sons to be able to have candid, if not candid, then semi honest conversations about what is needed emotionally. It was the same with ‘Concrete Cowboy’ the relationship is estranged because neither parties are able to even barely expressed themselves beyond anger. I’m not trying to oversimplify things, but we have to be in-tuned with our feelings so we can convey to others HOW we’re feeling.

Trust, I’m not the best person to hold these types of conversations either but holding these feelings in, were hurting me more than releasing them. I had to let folks know what it was that I needed from them, but then it was up to them, to put forth the efforts to make that happen. For me, I had to be, or get okay with people, listening to what I needed and still letting me know they couldn’t rise to the occasion.

Have you seen ‘Uncorked’?

Tristan Jonez