But Why?

Elevation Requires Separation; Fortunately OR Unfortunately?

Not Sometimes, Not when its convenient, not when everyone is on the same page, Always and usually when you least want to separate. I never separate because I want to, I usually venture out on my own because If I stay where and how I am, I’ll literally die. Yes, I am usually by myself but only because I seriously enjoy my own company but I love to include others into my World. At times I find that If I do not separate and do my own thing, I’ll never do the things I want to do.

Right now I’m working on two projects, well trying to work on them both. Sometimes I want to have folks to discuss what I should do. Does this font go, can I scrap this, should I release a limited edition, should I add my own notes, etc but the more I work on my projects, I feel like my circle has gotten so incredibly small. I feel myself pushing myself to a new plateau, a new height, and I welcome that feeling, but to reach the next I have to, if only momentarily, create a lil distance from the life I’ve known for the life I want to live.

SideNote: Have you all had to separate in order to move two steps forward? How did you do this without offending anyone?